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Date Title Author
October 2016 Joint and Several Liability: Impact on Equitable Contribution David Frankenberger
October 2016 Insuring Marijuana Nathaniel Lucey
October 2016 California Supreme Court Adopts Sophisticated Intermediary Defense in Product Liability Cases Nathaniel Lucey
August 2016 “Please Sign Here:” The Enforceability of Release Provisions in Health and Fitness Club Membership and Use Agreements in California Joseph J. (J.J.) Minioza
and Irene Libov
May 2016 First District Court of Appeal Invalidates C.C.P. § 998 Offer Conditioned on Execution of an Undisclosed Settlement Agreement Nathaniel Lucey
April 2016 Don't Forget the Costs: the California Supreme Court Creates a Pitfall for Defense Attorneys who Settle a Case Without Addressing the Issue of Costs Nathaniel Lucey
April 2016 High Court Holds Defaulted Homeowners Have Standing to Sue for Wrongful Foreclosure … to a Point Nathaniel Lucey
January 2016 California Supreme Court Grants Review of 5th District SB 800 Decision David Frankenberger
January 2016 New for 2016 – Employment Laws Sharon Hightower
October 2015 2015 Expedited Jury Trials - 2016 Updates and Expansion Sharon Hightower
August 2015 California Expands Liablity To Protect Temporary Workers Sharon Hightower
February 2015 Recent Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Sides with Majority Rule that Insurance Adjusters Owe No Duty to Insureds; No Bright-Line Test in California Greg Mase
February 2015 You Can Be Paid to Sleep on the Job Jennifer Riso
February 2015 EBRHA Q and A Jason Mauck
January 2015 Update on New Employment Laws For 2015 Joseph J. (J.J.) Minioza
and Albert Finch
January 2015 2015 Employment Laws Part 2 Joseph J. (J.J.) Minioza
and Albert Finch
January 2015 Violation of the Truth in Lending Act Only Requires Written Notice by the Borrower Joseph J. (J.J.) Minioza
December 2014 Jury Awards $185 Million in Punitive Damages Against AutoZone in Gender/Pregnancy Discrimination Joseph J. (J.J.) Minioza
October 2014 Claims of Wage Theft on the Rise Jason Mauck
October 2014 California Court of Appeal Finds that Holding Company that Owns Corporation May be Employer of Corporation's Employees Gregory Mase
October 2014 California Imposes Civil Liability on Businesses for Subcontractor’s Employment Practices Nathaniel Lucey
October 2014 … INTO THE FIRE: Can Interstate Fire V. Cleveland Wrecking be Used to Sue Subcontractors for Recovery of Developer’s Defense Costs Paid by Insurers? Brian Sanders
September 2014 Recent California Supreme Court Opinion Holds That Franchisors Are Not Liable for the Misconduct of a Franchisee’s Employees Nathaniel Lucey
August 2014 Design Professionals Beware: Your Stamp May Cost You Chester Walls
August 2014 Recent Appellate Decision May Help To Defeat Real Estate Fraud Claims in Specific Cases Gabriel Ullrich
July 2014 Settling Around Express Indemnity: Bobrow/Thomas Revisited Geoffrey Wood
July 2014 The Perils of Using Credit Checks in Hiring Jason W. Mauck
June 2014 Provide Seating for Your Employees? Jason W. Mauck
May 2014 The Importance of Policy in Business Management Jason W. Mauck
March 2014 Recent Appellate Opinion Expands Duties of Commercial Real Estate Brokers Representing Buyers Gabriel Ullrich
March 2014 Settling Around Express Indemnity: Bobrow/Thomas Revisited Geoffrey Wood
March 2014 Defamation and Internet Reviews Jason W. Mauck
February 2014 Right To Repair Act Does Not Bar Claims for Negligence and Breach of Implied Warranty Geoff Wood
February 2014 ADA Litigation Reform Jason W. Mauck
February 2014 'ADA' boys all around! - Sens. Steinberg and Dutton reform ADA litigation Brian Sanders
January 2014 Tenant Issues Jason W. Mauck
December 2013 It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like...liability for a company holiday party. Mark Kiefer
October 2013 Is Your Business Compliant with Sexual Harrassment Training Requirements? Jason W. Mauck
October 2013 Enforcing Release Provisions for Injuries Sustained in Health and Fitness Clubs in California Joseph J. (J.J.) Minioza
October 2013 When Arbitration Isn’t Binding George Hernandez & Roger Allen
October 2013 Court of Appeal Finds Recipe for Mixing MICRA, Prop. 51 and the Good Faith Settlement Statute to Reduce Economic and Non-Economic Damages in Medical Malpractice Award Mark Kiefer
October 2013 Insurers May Avoid Bad Faith Exposure if There is No Settlement Demand Leighton Koberlein
October 2013 Updates on Sexual Harassment Law for 2013 Andrew Kozlow
October 2013 Take Care in Responding to Pre-litigation Requests to Disclose Policy Limits Paul Green
September 2013 Updates on Sexual Harassment Law for 2013 Joseph J. Minioza
September 2013 2013 is a Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Year Joseph (J.J.) Minioza
September 2013 Storage Wars Jason W. Mauck
August 2013 MICRA Targeted For Revision Mark Kiefer
August 2013 Eeeny, Meeny, Mynie, Moe - Choice of Law Issues in California Tort Cases Occurring Outside of California Joseph J. (J.J.) Minioza
July 2013 “Please Sir, May I Have Another?” Liability Law for Alcohol Serving Businesses in California Joseph J. (J.J.) Minioza
July 2013 The Basics of a Wrongful Terminiation Claim Jason W. Mauck
June 2013 Know Your Independent Contractors in California or Pay the Price Joseph J. (J.J.) Minioza
June 2013 Criminal Behavior in a Products Liability Case May Be Less Important than Your Special Verdict Form Felicia Jafferies
June 2013 University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center v. NASSAR Graham Cridland
June 2013 Premises liability - Outside the store Ross Dwyer
May 2013 Premises liability – What your business needs to know Ross Dwyer
May 2013 The Law Is Going Through Changes Jason W. Mauck
May 2013 Corenbaum v. Lampkin: The New Paradigm for Evaluating Damages in Personal Injury Cases Jason Mauck
April 2013 Inside/Out: You're Also Liable for the Outside of Your Business Jason W. Mauck
March 2013 New Rules for Indemnity in Construction Contracts Geoffrey Wood
March 2013 Your Commercial Lease Jason W. Mauck
March 2013 Important Changes to Medicare and Medicaid Ross Dwyer
January 2013 New California Pregnancy Disability Leave Laws Are Enacted Joseph J. (J.J.) Minioza
December 2012 2013 California Wage and Wage Statement Laws Joseph J. Minioza
December 2012 2013 California Hiring and Discrimination Laws Joseph J. Minioza
December 2012 2013 California Employment Laws Joseph J. Minioza
December 2012 Workers' Compensation Reform SB 863 Tim McCaughey
December 2012 Senate Bill 474 Extends Bar on Type 1 Indemnity Agreements to Commercial Construction Contracts Brian Sanders
November 2012 Liability for Damaged Sidewalks in Concord Jason W. Mauck
October 2012 Social Networking In the Hiring Process Nathaniel R. Lucey
October 2012 Construction Risk Management/Dispute Avoidance David J. Frankenberger
October 2012 What to do (and not do) with your social media policy Joseph J. (J.J.) Minioza
October 2012 A Primer On Removing That Troublesome Tenant Jason W. Mauck
October 2012 Potential Statutory Obstacles In Enforcing Waiver Provisions In Health And Fitness Club Agreements In California Joseph J. (J.J.) Minioza
October 2012 Enforcing Release Provisions For Injuries Sustained In Health And Fitness Clubs In California Joseph J. (J.J.) Minioza
October 2012 Recent Updates In California Real Estate Law Joseph J. (J.J.) Minioza,
Brian Sanders
September 2012 Damages Available Against a Real Estate Professional in a Civil Malpractice Lawsuit Joseph J. (J.J.) Minioza
August 2011 CA Supreme Court Issues “Hanif” Decision Sharon L. Hightower
August 2011 Northern District of California Adopts Expedited Trial Procedure Sharon L. Hightower
June 2011 Considerations in Making a California Code of Civil Procedure Section 998 Offer Nathaniel R. Lucey
May 2011 Update on the Use of California's EJT Option Sharon L. Hightower
February 2011 Non-Engagement Letters from For the Defense Magazine David J. Frankenberger
February 2011 The Fate of Mandatory Arbitration Agreements in Employment Disputes George J. Hernandez, Jr. and Robert W. Lofton
February 2011 Restitution and Civil Liability: The Crime That Keeps on Giving Robert Gerhardt
December 2010 A Hanif Update Sharon L. Hightower
December 2010 Successor Liability: Don't Forget to Ask a Crucial Question Robert Gerhardt
November 2010 California Now Offers a New Trial Option Sharon L. Hightower
August 2009 The Challenge to Hanif Deductions Continues Sharon L. Hightower