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– By Steve Dollar

Effective January 1, 2011, California has enacted statutes for Expedited Jury Trials (EJT). Sharon Hightower, assistant managing partner of Ericksen Arbuthnot's San Jose office, has prepared a seminar to explain this new statute to attorneys, clients and insurance carriers.

During the seminar, Ms. Hightower discusses what types of cases are best suited for EJT and how cases are selected for this alternative trial option. She provides information about the background of the new law, as well as the differences in pre-trial procedures and rules. The seminar also includes information about trial procedures including the admissibility of evidence, voir dire, challenges, and required deadlines.

Ms. Hightower has presented this seminar for the Santa Clara County Bar Association and for private clients.

For more information about the seminar, or to schedule a presentation, contact Sharon Hightower at 408.286.0880 or shightower@ericksenarbuthnot.com.